Hey Curt. is this open enough for you?


Curt Wuollet


I really don't know yet.

I have no problem with what Sixnet is doing, or that they are making money doing it. In fact, we have a MAT developer working with them. It's a little confusing as it seems to be tied rather
closely to their hardware and I'm not sure how useful it would be with another platform or if I can download the stuff. So, I'm kinda waiting for our expert to report and see how things get sorted out. You can bet if I was sourcing an RTU, they would be at the top of the list. It doesn't seem that they are selling it as a general class solution. Perhaps they will fill us in. It looks to be an excellent application of Linux and the
open approach would be fantastic if you wanted your RTU to do something special ( which every customer probably wants ) So, the best I can do is "we'll know soon".


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