Hi , I have a challenge , i need to measure voltage of car battery by using plc fx 2n mitsubish , with devices is needed and which ladder logic is use

Your challenge is one analogue I/p ...
which FX do you have mind - assuming you will have 0-10vDC and would measure range 0-15vDC from the battery. What accuracy do you think you can achieve by perhaps a voltage divider.

Apart from scaling this analogue, what you want to do with the measurement ?
Hello all,

For this purpose on that FX2n ? YOU WILL NEED a FX2N 2AD function block to insert on that PLC for A/D conversion either with 0/10VDC or 4/20mA....

I advise you to search on that module ...I dont know if you got it, so I share here the OEM document user manual.

All you need to know is inside

So have a carefully and good read!

Any time!



This signal conditionner can be an alternative solution...
For the ladder program code there are some good examples on the web..

Looking forward to hear back from you soon

Controls Guy25..