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Marcelo Elias del Valle

Hi all. I am brasilian, so please understand my possible grammar error. By now, i just subscribed on this mailing list. I work today, mostly times, with siemens S7-200 and S7-300 CPUs, using supervisory control via windows software. I am thinking in develop a commercial SCADA/MMI software for linux (only), develop some drivers and, after some time, make the drivers GPL. I was thinking in do all the software GPL, but once SCADA control is a thing that only big enterprises would use, I think there is no sense to make an entire GPL software. However, I have seen that you, on the webpage, place some very useful information about CPL programming on linux. I would like to know what exactly do you intend with linuxplc and if I could help you some way. Actually, On my job, I develop supervisory applications and dedicated software with people that develop CPL programs. I am trying to convince my boss to create an supervisory SCADA/MMI software for linux using some GPL software libraries and developing part of the software under GPL. This way, I could colaborate with linux comunity and be payed to develop a linux software and applications with this software. I am not new to linux, but I am new to CPL drivers development and on linux CPL drivers development. I would like to listen any suggestions about what I am doing and know if my interest could be shared with the interest of linuxplc goal. Thank you very much. Regards, Marcelo. _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc

Curt Wuollet

Hi Marcello Welcome! What we are thinking of doing with the LPLC is to provide a free, publicly owned, GPL'd control system with PLC functionality and the auxilliary functions needed for complete automation systems that run on Linux and require no licensing. The basic idea is to provide much lower cost and higher reliability systems than can be built with the expensive, closed, proprietary offerings that exist today. The software will be matched in importance by the proven development advantages of Open Systems with the tremendous power of sharing and taking advantage of the world class environment of Linux and the availability of source code for nearly any need to prevent the need for reinventing the wheel. Since the entire automation industry is in the business of reinventing the wheel in hundreds of functionally identical proprietary instances, standardizing on one code base and one system that can address those needs in a truly open and extensible fashion will offer tremendous advantages for users and solution providers alike. As enhancements and added features are added back into the code base, the system can grow to meet more needs and sharing these is a great increase in productivity compared to supporting all those hundreds of closed products. Education will be targeted as there is no lower cost way to teach automation and with the source code a much greater understanding of what is going on can be had. We also seek to change an industry where competition has failed to provide choice and lower prices. Where simple connectors cost $80.00 and a serial card that should be $10.00 is outfitted with non-standard connectors and priced at more than $400.00. Where the effort expended on locking in and exploiting customers far exceeds the effort at advancing the state of the art. This hyper-proprietary and exploitative attitude has resulted in only lateral growth, that is. more solutions that do the same thing and very little effort at better solutions. And this is bad for the industry and the consumer. Our ideas are better ideas for moving forward and getting more people behind a single system. You can help by writing code for LPLC and donating code written for Linux. Regards cww That's how I see it in a nutshell. _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc
I think your wish is the same as putting the same engines in all cars, or making all cars the same.
Personally I dont like the IEC... programming language, takes too much time to do something.

Everything what is new does not have to be better....

for example, Step 5 is quick and small (1 Mb), Step 7 is slow and big (200Mb)