High level control platforms (WinPC server based) that can do PID and MPC?


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Hi all,

Originally from the refining industry, I now found myself making cement clinker. Although there are quite a few products that specialize in cement and kiln control (typically rule-based/Fuzzy control), I am from a MPC background and believe there are optimization benefits to be had by applying MPC in the right way.

We have developed a ARC scheme with SISO PID's that work well. It runs on a WinPC based control server platform that interfaces the process with OPC. That architecture is fine because it rolls out quickly. To enhance what we already have, I am now on the look out for a "best of breed" software control platform that offers:

1) Basic and advanced PID function blocks

2) A decent linear function block library, without going into AI-type stuff

3) Drag and drop engineering for the above

4) MPC capability, as I understood it from my Profit Controller and DMC days. In other words, I don't want to engineer and "connect" 30 disparate low level objects that together make up a MPC controller, I want everything encapsulated in a common wrapper. I want to see frequency response unit step models, and the old MV/CV/DV engineering parameter configuration windows.

5) It must run reliably at 10 seconds execution intervals - I say this because some vendors' MPC engines don't guarantee performance below 30 seconds (no need to run that fast, blah blah...)

Can anybody on the forum recommend a product that combines the features above?

Kind regards.