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Hi all!

This idea had been for quite while in my head and I decided this forum was the place to bring it out.

Since video gaming industry (including Oculus Rift, SteamVR and Microsoft) is working full steam ahead to finally close a daunt task of creating and manufacturing a workable, usable virtual reality glasses kits and so on, I thought why not use it for engineering.

Imagine for a second, you are in the field in a plant and you need to create a bill of material for cable trays from loads a, b, c, ... , n to MCC and DCS cabinets R1 and R2. You put your VR kit on. The pnalt in your visual field becomes composite VR paradise. You can add, delete and edit future cable trays locations with a swoosh of a finger in front of you.

Your VR kit is connected to cloud mainframe and softver already generates BOM using data you input in the field, the design requirements and local market. The BOM is created in milliseconds and is ready to send to Customer/Project management for approval.

Can we, Control.com engineers, establish a work group that would work in free time to create such a system?

Please comment.

Hope you are doing well!