High sensitivity shallow liquid level sensor


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I am looking for a cost effective liquid depth sensor with high depth resolution in the order of 0.25mm (0.01"). Prefer non contact system, but must be intrinsically safe for use with explosive/flamable paint solvents. The head should be about 10 to 70mm above the liquid surface. Response speed is not too critical. I am after suggestions on type of sensor to use, and where I can obtain them.
The level is too low and you can find more effective and better relation price / acurracy with a small load cell with IS .


Ed Dunkelberger

Try looking at http://www.Cosense.com or contacting [email protected]. An engineer will look at your specific requirements and reply if we have the right solution. Cosense designs special sensors, many for very short ranges and small spans. You may be able to use an ML sensor. These can have a deadzone of .5 inches or less and accuracy to .0005 inches. They are used for measuring the contents of test-tubes and for measuring the wall thickness of metals, etc. You might also be able to use a multipoint level switch like one that we build for a semi-conductor OEM that is designed for very small chemical vessels. XP and IS systems are available.