high speed counter in siemens PLC s7-200 cpu 212


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dear all,

i'm trying to configure a high speed counter in siemens PLC s7-200 with cpu 212, i try to follow exactly the same with the manual book given when i bought the PLC, but it just didn't work.

could anyone help me to give some pointer or triks?


marc sinclair

I'm sure that you are aware that the 212 is an obsolete model, that said, the high speed counters work well, (They are limited to 2kHz
though!) Are you reading the correct manual? You need 6ES7 298 8FA01 8BH0, which I believe is still available online.

If so, the example there seems OK, although the program shown uses the old software, so you may have to modify the subroutine layout (MEND, RET
and RETI). Make sure you correctly input the configuration, Enable the interrupts and execute the relevant HSC command before using the counter.

Marc Sinclair

Engelbert Rodríguez

What didn't work? Can't you see the pulse input value? Which error are you having?