High Speed SECS Messaging Service


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Amit Saxena

"High Speed SECS Messaging Service" (HSMS) is the recommended way for two SEMI complaint entities to communicate over TCP/IP. "SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2" (SECS 2) specifies the packet structure and content used for such communication. "Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International" (SEMI) is the apex body providing the guidlines to develop Semiconductor Wafer Processing Machines (h/w & s/w).

I am developing a communication bridge (using JAVA) between a SEMI complaint Host and an Equipment.

As explained above, this has to be done using HSMS which is a layer over TCP/IP. HSMS in turn, only supports the SECS-2 messages.

As such my JAVA bridge needs to read the SECS-2 messages coming over the TCP/IP and also send such messages back to the Host. Basically it has to be a Socket Programming.

I just am looking for someone who might have already done a similar thing or can suggest on it.

Thanks in advance.