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Ed Mulligan

I'm looking for a place to rent high speed video taping equipment to see a manufacturing process slowed down. Standard video cameras do not have the proper frame rate. Consultants are willing to do the work for us, but it is extremely expensive. Is there "do it yourself" equipment available for rent at a reasonable price that is not too difficult to operate?



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sam sharpless

Have you considered using a strobe light to accompish this? If your machine does the same thing over and over again, you can use a strobe light to catch the motion at incremental points and "slow down" the view. This is the basic principle behind an automotive timing light. Getting strobe views on video can be tricky due to the frame nature of video, but you can try and see what you get. Good Luck
High speed video equipment *is* expensive (or was, anyway). I use a high-speed camera occasionally at work. It records up to 500 frames/second giving 2 millisecond intervals. It is black and white, not very high resolution, and requires substantial illumination of the object being watched at the high frame rates. It can't capture a large amount of data time-wise at those rates either.

That being said, it is easy to use and shows us things we could never see otherwise. A good investment (but it was tough to convince management at the time that it was a critical piece of gear). I will find out more information about it when I get to work...