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I have done my Bachelors in Engineering. Right now I work with a reputed Control Systems firm and gain enough money to support my family. I am now looking forward to a Masters degree in automation and control in a year or two; will that give a boost to my career? How will it help me? And after Masters, what kind of jobs should I be looking forward to? (What are the options?)

Thanks in advance. I will be grateful for comments and suggestions.
Well the way I see it, in this industry in particular it's really all about experience. Sure a B.S. helps but as for getting a masters you're still considered entry level. Getting more field experience is 10 times better than any degree you get. The best way to advance your career is to find work in a particular field you like to work in and know it's going to pay really well. Like more HMI focus, PLC focus, or oil industry focus or total integration work, or focus yourself with a particular name brand or all of them. All this really helps your career. Unless you're in a position where you like to stay but you can't get additional exp. in a field you want to get in then, i suggest get a job that does or you can get a masters with focus on that subject. If you go onto job search engines you can search the jobs and read the descriptions and you'll see for yourself it really is all about exp. and what product line and subject you're focused in. but be careful not to back yourself into a corner, be sure there is a future in the field you will be focusing in, other wise you'll end up with 10 years of exp. with no job 'cause your line of work is outdated. Well, I hope this helps.
I completely agree with the above reply. We are a control systems integrator and what we need are people that can get the job done. An EE degree tells us that the person applying has certain fundamentals. But it still takes two years of OJT before we can cut the new EE loose on our customer base.

Darell Piper, Apex Engineering

I have a BSEE and a MA in computers. I am not sure that having the MA or ME makes all that much difference. I got the MA while I was in the Air Force since they pused upper education, I taught college with the MA parttime but after leaving the Air Force I made enought as a EE that I no longer needed to moonlite. But working in industry, I really do not see that much of a need. Now PhD, that is a whole different level.