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David Brown

Dear listers.
Can anyone show me where to get information on
Hitachi PLC model H40DRP.
Thank you .

David Brown.


Michael Barb

You could not have picked a brand to be much more alone on. I have used it to support European equipment. They may actively sell it there but I am not sure how serious they are about selling it in the US. There is only one source for the products in the US. They are can be found at and are located in Oregon.

Technically I never found them to be much help but they at least provide a place to get replacement parts in the US. They now have a much improved website with a support page and a forum that seems to be responding fairly well to questions. Maybe some things have improved.

Their programming software is made by someone else. From my experience the programming tools are very primitive but at least they were robust. I was able to get the controller to do what I wanted.

Burak Cedetas

H40 DRP is a block type unit with fixed I/O.
It is pretty fast and can be connected to the
RS232 of a PC directly.
It uses the same software of the H series family.
H40 DRP has 24 DC input and 16 relay output.
This I/O points can be extended bu using expansion
units, or Hitachi H200 series chasis.

You can program the unit via DOS or WÝndows software.

There is also a DDE which can be very helfull
to connect the unit to a SCADA.


Burak Cedetas


Timothy Davis

Dear David,
You can download a datasheet on the Hitachi H-Board at
You can download a product bulletin at .
The Operations Manual for the H-Board is part number NJI-099(X). This is available for purchase from our company.

The Hitachi "H-Board" began production in 1992, and its discontinuance was just issued this year. It has been a fairly popular series in Europe. The biggest impact this unit had in the U.S. was being "brand labeled" by Furnas
Electric. It was sold as the Furnas 96MFM, and used the MacLOLA Plus software.

There is some technical information on the unit on our companies website Web Forum.

I hope this will get you the information you need for your project.

Best Regards,

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