HMI - AB Panel View cold environments

Has anyone had any experience using a AB PanelView in a cold environment with temps around -20 deg C? Looking at having the panel in a heated enclosure with a clear front, but will be required to be open for several mins at a time, exposing the screen to low temps. Just wondering about damage, ghosting image, etc. Design is still concept right now so open to ideas, but client requires PanelView HMIs.
The datasheets for the PV+7 Standard, Performance, and ArmorView say they can go to -25°C while not operating and 0°C while operating. Would the HMI be powered up while the enclosure is open? You may have to contact AB directly for guidance.
It would operating 24/7 in that environment, workers need to see the screen at all times and maintenance needs to be able to easily access it when they are called. I've reached out to AB a few times, but have not heard a response back from them.
I found this tech note (access level: everyone, but you need at least a free account):

It says it's ok as long as the enclosure remains above the minimum allowed temperature. It's not super clear, but I'd read that to mean that the inside of the electrical cabinet it's mounted onto needs to be above the minimum temperature and that the screen itself can be exposed to colder temperatures. I'm not 100% sure of that reading, though, and would want clarification. Your local distributor may be able to offer some guidance if AB isn't being forthcoming.

Just for the fun of it, I looked at the datasheets of other HMIs I've encountered (Red Lion, Schneider, C-More, Uticor, AB, Siemens) and they all only go down to 0°C on their datasheets.
Only a few I've found (Onlogic as example) seems to have HMIs that can take cold temps, but client is AB everything so they want to stick with what they know (which makes total sense). Appreciate you looking into it like that!