HMI Cimplicity

Hello Everyone,
Please I would like our experienced professionals to enlighten me on the following items in a GE frame 9e gas turbine :
1. Manually initiated Starts.
2. Fired starts.

Thank you.

Would you tell us what are looking to know about , are you looking for definitions of these items ,?
Or Logic explanation

Thank you
Thanks for your response,
Actually, I'm looking for definitions, logic explanations, possible permissives that must take place for a +1 count, everything.

Thank you
Ok let me check on the app code that i got ...In the meantime do not hesitate to share app code exctract (pages related to those counters ) so we can compare and give you the answer that you are looking for.
Prior to begin

Do you got followings signal name on the site app code:

L30CMIS : Manually initiated starts counter
L30CFS : Fired starts counter & Fired starts
L30CFS_TD: Fired starts counter TD drop out signal for L30CES ( Emergency trips counter)

Thx for clarifying
Yeah, i believe those where the signals i saw (I'll confirm and get back to you tomorrow.

i would love to know if manual starts includes startups manually initiated but didn't get to firing stage but tripped.
I guess that the block function on app code do not include those manually initiated and did not get firing but tripped..

I will check tomorrow and come back with an answer ..