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vivek samyal

I have a 3 independent PC's running Control view talking to 3 independent SLC 5/03's running 3 individual plants. SLC's are NOT talking (through MSG instruction) to each other they are independent.
The 3 Control view PC's are in a radius of 100 metres.
Control view (builder cum runtime 10000 tags) is running on DOS 6.22 version PC's. Now out of these 3 PC stations, in one PC station i need to monitor the other two.
For that, I understand Control view have to be interlinked, is it possible using some Novell network or some LAN configuration. I think AB have a optional networking option for Control view HMI, am not sure
The other 2 possible options are:
(1)interlink the 3 SLC 5/03 on a DH485 network
(2) use RSView & use Windows NT powerful networking techniques
I do not want to use the above methods, i would rather stick to Control View Networking such that the Database tags of the 2 Controlview can be passed in/out the 3rd supervisory control view station
please help me in this regard
thank you in advance
vivek samyal
ControlView is an obselete product. AB has special pricing for existing control view users and there is a conversion utility to go from control view to RSView32.
i ve joined 5 plc ab3/10 each apart 300mts from each other. using dh+ dual network using ipds/abmenu controlview4.01 and td3/topdoc software. in control view tags were added to include all plc and their graphics/mgx file were pasted from individual files.msg transfer is done in 3 plc right now,as it is not needed in rest.
also we trying to use plc5/60 the control view is capable of using plc5 data.
u can ask further