HMI for GE Harris D25 - what are my options?


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Peter Bubik

We have a GE Harris D25 machine in place at our powerplant. We are looking at expanding the functionality of that unit but can't justify the cost GE would charge us for PowerLink development software (roughly $15,000CAD). I understand that PowerLink is a modified version of FactoryLink that GE uses to create HMIs. What are my options? Has anyone done any HMI on the D25 with anything other than GE's PowerLink? If so what did you use? My worries are that if I go with other software it will not communicate with GEs hardware properly and GE will not help me to solve the problem - is that a legitimate worry, or should I just relax and have more faith? Thanks Peter

Andre Pablo G. Fausto

Peter, You can try using Realflex. I have used Realflex for a long time and have used this software to communicate with the GEH RTU family. I do not see the D25 not communicating as long as the protocol software has been defined properly. Are you using DNP3? Regards, Andre Pablo "Apaul" G. Fausto Nayon Kontrol Systems 354 (44) Quezon Avenue Quezon City, Philippines Tel. +63 2 4485074 Fax. +63 2 4485077
Peter We developed a Master Station (MS) functions for Substation Automation Systems with CIMPLICITY software (5000 points: Status, DCM, Analog, Accumulator, Controls). The Master Station link with UTR D20 using DNP 3.0 protocol, CDC 44500 Type I, Conitel 2020. The Master Station has a traductor protocol subsystem that can link with several protocols use in the electrical utilites, IED's and RTU's. I can send you a graphic of three screen of the HMI master station. (Contact me at my e-mail address below.) The Cimplicity Software is by GE-Fanuc and it has several protocols that link with all the equiment GE. Eng. Cuitlahuac Picasso [email protected] Mexico