HMI for Substation Automation Systems


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Dear members;

I am looking for a HMI suitable for substation automation applications mainly with following features:

1 - Compatible to work as "client" in a system where IEC61850 is our communication protocol.

2 - PC-based HMI.

3 - Support redundancy (hot - standby functionality)

May I have your solutions?

Thank you
Try Wonderware.

I am doing a field test right now that has two PC's running identical HMI's on desktop PC's, hooked up via ethernet router and controlling a Triconex PLC rack, that should answer your hot swappable question.
Hi Babak,

I found Trihedral's VTS very good/dynamic/reliable/performant.

Quick to get up and running too. Redundancy is very simple to implement - you can use in-built synchronisation or you can implement your own RPC system; the in-built system (out of the box) relies on a pre-defined list of known alarms; if you don't know what those will be, you will perhaps need a more bespoke solution involving RPC.

If you are planning on using OPC with IEC61850; their OPC interface will support out of the box synchronisation to hot standby.

Hope that helps. Happy to answer any further queries or put you in touch with my contact at Trihedral.