HMI Market, space for new vendors?


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Luis Andes


I would like to know what can be done in HMI software products. How is going (if it is going) to change the products in the future. What can
we expect as a user?

I now that some of you are going to answer using "innovation". But innovation have a lot of faces. As one teacher told me in the University
innovation is as well to sell cars for 2$. Which company is driving "innovation"?

What can be improve in the HMI today. How do you think that will be the evolution of this market now that the mayor vendor have specific
products almost for everything?

Thank you very much for your opinions
How will the HMI change in the near future? Let's do some prognosticating.

The main, and possibly only, difference between the various HMI software packages is the ease of developing and implementing the operator interfaces. Each vendor states that his version is the easiest - but - they all require a large manual effort.

The next improvement has to decrease the manual cost by a factor of ten. Any less will not be worth the effort.

Taking the manual task out of HMI development means automating the work that is now so costly.

A knowledgeable platform is required. This knowledgeable platform will reflect the real world of devices, loops, processes and plants - all of the process and equipment information that the HMI needs for development.

Then this real world information and knowledge will be transferred to the HMI/control software developing the plant control system - automatically. Changes and modifications to the real world will be reflected as automatic changes and modifications to the control system - with very little human input.

That is the future of HMI/control implementation.

Bob Pawley