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I have HMI computer with windows NT and cimplicity connected to mkv with arcnet. I want to make another computer to connect to this hmi computer over ethernet lan and control to the turbine. what the method to use this idea?
You could use the 'viewer' function of CIMPLICITY to do this. The CIMPLICITY project on the GE Mark V HMI Server could send data over Ethernet to the other computer and receive commands.

But, it's not going to be easy because you're going to need a licensed copy of CIMPLICITY to run on the other computer. I don't know if you will be able to find a new version of CIMPLICITY that is backwards-compatible with the old version of CIMPLICITY, or if you could find the same version of CIMPLICITY and a PC with WinNT.

But it can be done with the right hardware and software.