HMI P14 controller Upgrading to 800xA


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In our power plant we have p14 procontrol and we want to upgrade system monitoring to 800xA system. Is it feasible to do that? if yes, how to add this controller to 800xA system?

As I understand we need some coupling module for connection P14 to 800xA HMI. is it 87TS50-E?

Please clear me in concept of this upgrading and new architecture.

thanks to all.

Please contact our evolution experts to make a complete review of your system in order to plan for upgrades and technical options.

Please send an email to:
[email protected].

Our experts could then answer your technical question in detail based on your plant/system.

Regarding P14 and System 800xA:

Procontrol P14 systems can be connected to System 800xA by means of P14 Connect, a connectivity product fully integrated in 800xA. P14 Connect provides access to real-time data as well as alarm, events and disturbance information for the most common Procontrol P14 objects: Analog Monitoring, Binary Input, Drive Function, Group Control, Preselection, Counter, Controller and Manual Station.

The main components of P14 Connect are:

The P14 Gateway
The OPC Connect Server for process data access, alarms and events, uploading functions of the P14 Gateway engineering data into 800xA
Faceplates and graphic display elements for the P14 automation classes

P14 Connect operates in a Windows environment on standard personal computer hardware (according to System 800xA guidelines and system requirements), and is available in English and German.