HMI Prototyping Tools Needed


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George Buckbee

It should run on windows, allow basic animation, links to other screens, and preferably communications to a simulation via DDE, OPC, etc. Oh, yeah... and under $2K. Any ideas? VB may be too much coding. Would be nice if it came
with standard symbols like pumps, valves, etc.

Juergen Rensen

Another option is Sentech Scenic (OPC based), It comes with about 3000 symbols that can be animated, has unlimited number of tags, can link screens. Price is less than US$300.

Juergen Rensen

Ron Copeland

How about a package for free. Contact your local Rockwell Software distributor and ask for the RSView32 demo. You can create screens, it has animation as well as symbols for creating your own screens.

Ron Copeland
Bay Associates
Contact your local GE Fanuc distributor and ask for a CIMPLICITY(r) HMI (aka CIMPLICITY Plant Edition) demo disk. You can
install any and all options on your hard drive. It runs for four days, then defaults to 2 hours. All the tools for building
and animating screens is included, along with all the symbols. Included on the CD is the complete library of CIMPLICITY

Drake Fink
GE Fanuc Automation