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I have a simple project, I need to display a lot (30+) of measurements from each device. Most of those measurements need to be displayed only, some need alarming and database storage.

All existing software packages I know have tag based licensing which makes such a simple project very expensive. My resources are limited, and I don't want to pay extra for features I don't need but are included in almost every SCADA/HMI software.

I don't want to develop a custom application because there's not enough time.

Which HMI/SCADA software do you recommend? Price is a priority...

Maybe there are applications that're device and not tag oriented?

Any other recommendations, ideas, tips welcome.

Thank you.
What protocol do you need? Drivers can also be very expensive if you have to purchase those separately. I have an open source Free Software web based HMI which uses Modbus/TCP. You can download it from:

There are three packages available. the one you would want for the HMI (HMIServer) is found in the MBTools package. The project web site is at:

There is no charge for the software and no tag limits. This is the full version, not a limited demo. A new version will be coming out within a few days with a lot of new features (I'm finishing up the documentation for it).

HMIServer has numeric and text displays, push buttons, pilot lights, process tanks, gauges, and piping. It has on-line help and system status monitoring. You can add your own custom help web pages (e.g. operator instructions). It also has alarms and events.

The Modbus/TCP client protocol is built directly into HMIServer, so you don't need to purchase a driver from someone else. If the device you need to connect to is also a client, the same package comes with a self standing Mobus/TCP server (MBAsyncServer) which can act as a converter.

The upcoming version (which will be out within a few days) adds strip charts, numeric data entry keypads, numeric increment/decrement widget, additional number display formatting, and extended multi-register data types. It also has greatly expanded documentation on creating applications.

The system comes with a self standing demo application so you can try it out easily.

However, it doesn't log data. If you need that feature, you will need to provide it by some other means.

The system is web based and works in most modern web browsers. You can see a gallery of screen shots at the bottom of the following page:

It runs on Linux and MS Windows. I've also recently been told by a user that it runs on Mac OS/X, although I haven't tried that for myself.
Indusoft has a very low cost package where you'll only pay for the license one time operating in windows CE/XP. they already have 100's of drivers configured.

you can email me at [email protected] and I will pass you to someone at indusoft, we are a computer hardware supplier to them.

Benjamin Celis

As recomended in the other Post, LabVIEW doesn't have a Tag Base license. As you are using alarming and logging the DSC module is the best option for you. Normally LabVIEW doesnt requieres Licenses for machines you run the Executable, in the Case of executables with DSC the runtime is required.

Still a complete SCADA system can be made just one License in the computer you are logging the Data or you have OPC, all the client System can go with the Free Runtime. This can reduce the cost of the system.

You can find more information on this module in the following page:
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You will probably need to look on open source solutions like our

You can use it under the terms of GPL or you can purchase a development license if you do not agree with GPL. There are no runtime licenses!!! There is no limit to the number of I/O point or whatever.
Look at LabVIEW (about $1000) for a project, or ~ $6000 to
produce free of charge exe-files.

Best regards, Vladimir E. Zyubin

What you want is Specview: It is very capable, and you can download and try it before purchasing.

Labview is a programming language, not a SCADA package. Their DSC module is an add-on, and you still need to know Labview to use the DSC module.
>I have a simple project, I need to display a lot (30+). <

Have you considered having someone with an existing system perform the monitoring/alarming for you? If this is an option, please let me know.