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Matt Hoover

I'm looking for a Linux based HMI, I know MS owns the universe, hopefully there is something out there?
National Instruments "": LabVIEW has a Linux port. Unfortunately, their Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module (which has the real-time tag database, alarm management, trending and pretty HMI pictures) is not available for Linux at the present time. You could write your own version of these modules yourself in LV/Linux.

Alan Brause

Curt Wuollet

Hi Matt

There are a few, mostly towards scada. I don't have references but google for Linux SCADA should find them and anything in Java should work. The Puffin and AutomationX guys might have scoped
out the competition or might be able to help you. Ours at the address below, is open and free, but far from complete.



Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

Suggest you try "go linux scada" in the address bar of your browser, you may be surprised to see that your evaluation of the Microsoft margin is
not quite up to date.

D. Pittendrigh
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Well, you are in luck - sort of. There are two packages that I know of:
AutomationX - ""
VisPro - ""
There is (was?) a third based on Tcl/Tk but I can't remember the name.

Both packages can do both SCADA (MMI) and control. AutomationX can even do control on a pair of redundant servers. The AutomationX architecture is also very interesting, pure objects and you program from graphics down to the
device. Rather than PLC up to SCADA if that makes sense.

VISPro I am not as familiar with but I have looked at it. SUSE used to include a trial version of VISPro on their distro. I have loaded it an played with it a while back. Without a real project you are just playing...

The real problem with both of them is finding a project with a patron willing to have a stab at something new.

Steve B.
BTW: neither of the packages are open source.
We are currently in discussions with a company to make a custom HMI and they have asked for it to be built on a Linux platform. Although everything is still in a fluid state, I might be able to help you. Please e-mail me at [email protected]

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Two products have been mentioned as running on Linux, Vsystem from Vista Control Systems is a third. Vsystem is the same product on OpenVMS, Solaris, tru-64 UNIX, Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux. Vsystem is a whole open software architecture and all the platforms can be mixed and matched in a single system should the customer require this. Vsystem also has high performance, benchmarks have exceeded 2,000,000 values per second processed.

Why high speed, well, when trouble shooting or characterizing the process from historical data for better control, one often needs the speed. Sure temperature of a large vessel will not change fast, but pressure can for example.

Peter Clout

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david mertens

Siemens has a linux version of PCS7 (descendent of PCS) with OSx (previously a UNIX product) as HMI.