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I would like to create an HMI application that stores the values of 800+ tags once a second. The stored data would be used to 1) display trend graphs (that's the easy part), and 2) change the graphical representation of the process operating status (item colors, positions, displayed values, etc)on the different screens based on a position of a slider bar, or similar device representing the time range of the stored data. In other words, the same way you can move "back through time" with a trend would be able to do the same with the screen graphics (which could also show the realtime picture when desired). Anyone done this...or seen this kind of thing? Thanks!
There are probably lots of HMI packages which can do this. This is very much possible in wonderware, but could be too costly (you might need to purchase some external software components). I guess a well written VB program could do this. Anyway, it is technically 'do-able', but I am not sure of the easiest and cheapest way.

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No problem we have a compoent that trends oscillscopes, and reads/writes up to 100 pens and can go "back in time", and with some c, visual c++, or vb code you could really do what ever you wanted..Rick
You may want to look at using an "open" HMI like RSView32 or Intellution Dynamics. With either of those, you could obviously log the data you wish, but you could write a VBA script to change the values of the tags on the screen based on historical data. The vba script would navigate between the historical data and set the 800 "current value" tags to the historical record values...

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Not impossible at all! In fact, we've even done it (as a prototype) using our data acqusition and HMI package called CIMScan. Some time ago we also thought it a great idea to be able to scroll through events and display them graphically. We couldn't find a tremendous amount if interest, however, and put it on "the back burner." E-mail me at "[email protected]" for more information.
Kevin; I've done something similar to this using Wizcon, although an 800 tag graph is not possible nor very useful!! Could look pretty messy !! Wizcon's got a ton of java apps that will provide you with graphs and graphical representations and is pretty easy to set up. If you'd like more info, contact me via email. Mark Hill [email protected]

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Kevin, This sounds like an intriguing idea. You could probably do it as follows: 1. Use your existing HMI application (or create one if you don't have one yet)to log data probably using SQL server. 2. Create a second HMI application that uses deviceless tags (tags whose values can be overwritten). This app would have graphics that look just like those in the original app, but use the deviceless tags. 3. Run a script that uses the value from your control slider as a pointer into the SQL database. The script would poke the data from the database into all of the tags. If the script does not poke the data fast enough, and if you only look at a subsets of the data at a time, you could put a script in each graphic that pokes only the tags that that graphic needs. Curt Walters
Kevin, Actually, it isn't that tough. It's easily done with National Instruments Lookout and I'd assume other HMI's have equivalent functionality. Using Lookout, you just log all the tags to the Citadel database. Objects called hypertrends will create line charts for any time period you want. As far as the graphical representation goes, you basically want an historic freeze frame capability. Make the source of the data on the status screens the Citadel database. Its ODBC compliant. SQL queries for a specific tag and at a specific time could be derived from a slider (pot) object. One caution however. Keep the tag names and directory paths as short as possible. ODBC has a 126 char limit on tag names (and some MS apps are limited to 62). It's easy to run into grief when you want 'the_bit_that_shows_the third_pump_running_etc' if its in a databese on another machine in "D:\program files\national instruments\lookout development\citadel\customer5". Good luck, Bob Lockert Blocke Communications Calgary, Canada
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