HMI which can comm over RS485 directly


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I am in look out for any HMI vendor who can offer me a HMI with LCD display and can communicate over RS485.Actually i have a Yaskawa AC Drive and want to have a better display for showing more parameters , the comm would be over Rs485 and HMI should be in a position to write into the drive also. No PLC is connected to the system.
Look at Cimrex . . .aka Mitsubishi . . . also Maple Systems. Ken Brown Applied Motion Systems, Inc.
If you have not found a system yet I have just the system for you. It is called Tridium! Don't know if you have heard of it but what it is a web based HMI. It comes out of the box as Bacnet and Lonworks compliant. You can also purchase drives to allow it to talk to old HVAC Legacy systems, OPC, Modbus, RS-485, RS-232 and even some the proprietary systems from Johnson, Honeywell, etc. One of the features of this product is that there is no addition cost for thin clients because you access the system thru any web browser such as Internet explorer or Netscape and because the system is written in java you can also access it from any operating system such as windows, Mac, and Linux. If you would like some more information Please email me. [email protected]
Cutler-Hammer D800 series LCD's include a generic ASCII driver which can be programmed to access the drive parameters. RS485 is standard.