HMI, Who's got the best package

Not sure if anyone mentioned National Instruments, Lookout. Priced by number of tags for only ones related to real I/o such as local plc. Not number of internal tags such as timers, accumulators, etc. Also, one of few we looked at that offered editing in run mode. They are at Good luck, Robert Phillips Cypress Water Purification City of Wichita Falls [email protected]
Ask yourself the question..."If I provided engineering services for a customer, will I provide support services without monetary compensation for long periods after the specified work has been completed...not. you sound like a bunch of sniveling, whiny morons. You expect vendors to give you support (free of charge) in some cases years after purchasing a product. Would you do the same for your customers. If you answer yes, then you are most likely unemployed or a bankrupt SI.
Wizcon ( is also priced by actual I/O and can be edited in Run Mode. They also have impressive internet/intranet html generating capabilities. Mark Hill, President Intelligent SCADA Solutions
It seems most HMI packages have been around long enough that any one could be used to build the "average project". So, how to choose? I would look at cost and ease of use. Elipse SCADA is very easy to use and typically more cost effective than most of the others. You can download a free demo at: Bill
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Where can I get the HMI.softwaretest drive that can try before buy it?
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In my opinion WINCC is the most powerful HMI today but disadvantage is limited drivers for
PLCs. Have to use OPC for multi-platform system. On the other hand NI lookout has a very large variety of drivers. RSVIEW is easy to learn and use. But no HMI is as free programmable and integrateable in windows as wincc. Support both C and VB. If u have a good command over VC++ u can use WINCC ODK to enhance WINCC configuration interfaces as u like. latest version WINCC V6.2 is awsome.