HMI with RSView 32 6.3


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Alok K

We are facing the following problem in RSView clients.
Machines are Compaq AP200 workstation class machine with Windows NT 4.0 SP 4 having Pentium II 450 Mhz processor and 64 MB RAM
The problems are as under...
In the RAD client machine, all of a sudden, all the screens using parameters for display and control suddenly look "hanged" with animations not being displayed on the screens at all. The RAD server passes on the requisite action to the PLC.
When we reboot the machine and restart the station, everything works fine again with the same problem occuring randomly at any time.
Also at one time it was observed that the RAD server had stopped working altogather after a Dr. Watson's Error for Windows in RSView32. Although, Dr. Watsons Error is very common for RSView, this time it was observed that still all the control action and screen updates were available on the client machines.
We have been trying to get in touch with Rockwell for the above problems but somehow, no solution to the problems has ever been given to us.
Can anyone help??


Ranjan Acharya

I agree with the gentleman who has had problems with Compaq Workstations and HMI/SCADA packages. We had similar problems with WinCC / PCS-7, especially on the server (NT4, SP5). The workaround was to not use the factory install of Windows NT and use a plain install with minimal Compaq extensions (none of their machine and network management stuff -- just NT, audio, video,
other basic drivers and then go from there). Of course that only works until the IT guys want to install a bunch of network management tools ...

I find Compaq machines a little "over engineered" right down to the cheesy messages if someone swaps a memory module.

You might want to use SP6a with RSView/32. It is supposed to work with SP4, but you may want to use SP6a instead. Right now all our RSView/32 projects are using NT5/2000 on IBM Workstations and I am not an RSView/32 expert, so that is all the help I can provide.


Pierre Hinse

I know this sounds drastic, but I would take one client and replace it with a vanilla non name brand system. Try it for a while, and if the problems go away, then the problem is the custom BIOS Compaq wrote.

Compaq has caused me grief in the past with HMI systems we have developed.
The one thing that springs to mind is the use of SP4 on NT4.0.

In previous experience with RSView 6.3, we found problems with this and upgraded to SP5.

May not solve all your problems but may be worth a go.

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

We are having a similar problem (Screen Freeze till rebooted) with SIEMENS WinCC (v5+SP1). The computer is Dell Power Edge 1400 and the OS is WinNT Server with SP6a. The support has suggested some solutions but none of them have worked. Any ideas on this issue?