Could any body give ideas about preventive maintenance of HMI in SCADA system.
Can you specify your NEED by detailing elements like... :
As long as SCADA HMI is concerned by preventive maintenance, there are some recommandations to follow according to OEM instructions manuals..
Devices like transmitters valves... Are more concerned by Preventive maintenance is more...
As there are kind of MTBF (main time before failure) and also other acronyms related to reliability and performance of these designated systems like MTTR (Main time to repair..) and so on to take in account....for a good preventive maintenance

Any time!
Controls Guy25
So how can you the user, grasp the concepts of predictive maintenance, and the relationship between it and SCADA and the control elements? Pre-emptive strikes against process failures, in my opinion, is the same as predictive action or actions. If vibration monitoring tells you the bearings are starting to go, it is predicting failure. That is where SCADA and historian databases come into play. Pre-emptive suggests that you can fix the problem before it happens. Predictive is the same, because you cannot fix the motor bearings while working. SCADA provides the process babysitting and observation tools to access data from the complete process so you can use it to predict and be proactive in maintenance. While every process and application is different, I will make the case for why you should do it, and how some simple steps can begin your trek down the predictive maintenance path. As a general rule, the most successful person in life is the person who has the best information!

That s a good thing to come and post issue/case here but it is a good thing also to reply at least on our comments /posts...

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