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Hi everybody
I would appreciate any information regarding home automation items that are available in the UK.
Such as... Who makes and sells the equipment, are PCs or PLCs normally used. what type of things are typically controlled, how does the controller communicate with the things it is controlling, how are they normally programmed/configured, what control voltage is used, what happens in the event of a mains supply failure, etc, etc.
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Hello Alan,

Did you find some information about that??If you find could you tell what did you find???

Thank you.
Hi Alan,

A company called Crestron makes a control processor designed for Home Automation. The Language is proprietary but not to difficult to learn. I program this stuff for a living. If you need help let me know. Things you can control are Security systems,Lighting, AV Equipment, HVAC as well it has its own processor so you can build in PC type logic. You can even check your e-mail if you want. It normally uses a touch Panel, but you can use the Web if you want as the GUI.

Ralph Clark