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I am going on a business visit and I need my home to stay safe which is the reason I have experienced certain articles giving intrusion protection for my home while I am away. I got slightest information in this field which is the reason I have begun this string to get thoughts. Might want conclusion on this, http://www.apialarm.com/
Has anyone used their services?

<b>Moderator's note:</b> I debated on posting this message as it really does not have anything to do with industrial automation. However, I realize we may have readers here who are in the field of designing and manufacturing home security and automation systems.
It's very much of how far do you want to go it terms of staying safe.
The Home Alarm Guard Response is very interesting but will not stop forced entry or damage to property.

Security cameras are readily available. I use a time lapse camera mindful of the fact it will not necessarily identify possible intrusion, but it helps a piece of mind. Also have a sound blaster - used indoors it could repel intruders with 110db alarm, but have yet to try it.