honeywell 3000 udc set point ramp time


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We have been unsuccessful creating a timed ramp up to a set point temp. We have been trying to use the manual, but are clearly missing something.

ideally we need to ramp up to 900' over a 90 minute time. right now we have the control alg set to on/off. do we need to use pid a or pid b instead? or is there some simple step we are missing?

thanks for any help.
You are not clear on exactly which model you are working with. It is a good idea to provide exact model numbers.

I can't recall whether the original UDC 3000 had the SP RAMP or not. The UDC 3300 and current version UDC 3200 do have a group of settings called SP RAMP (2nd setup group, after the Tuning group).

The purpose of SP RAMP is have the controller change its local setpoint automatically over some set period of time, to have the Set Point (SP) ramp up or ramp down, as it were.

Ramping to 900° is not the same as ramping up 900° from a given point. The UDC ramps to a pre-configured setpoint (900° in your case) over a time interval (90 minutes in your case) from whatever the current SP is.

To set up a target SP of 900° with a ramp time of 90 minutes,

a) Go to SP RAMP (Setup key twice)

b) Aaccess the enable/disable setting: (Function key once)

c) Enable SP RAMP: (up or down arrow key until upper display shows something equivalent to ENABLE)

d) Access the time interval setting (function key once)

e) Enter the 90 minute time interval (up or down arrow keys until upper display shows 90)

f) Access the FINAL SP setting (function key once)

g) Enter the FINAL SP as 900 (up or down arrow keys until upper display shows 900)

Now, was it that hard?

I'll leave the discussion of the use of on/off or PID to other forum responders. Any of those control modes will operate as each is intended to operate in conjunction with the SP RAMP function.
We must have bigger issues. That is the procedure that I was trying to use. I think we are just going to look into a new controller.

Thanks again.
1) The setpoint could be locked: SP HI = SP LO = SP

2) The Run Hold key can be disabled on the 3200, maybe the 3300. The lower display says "KEY ERR" if a key is disabled.

If the run/hold key is disabled, the ramp won't start. Keyboard Enable/Disable settings are at the end of TUNING group.
Under Control group, is number of setpoints set at 1LSP?

No settings involve RSP (remote set point)?  RSP is mutually exclusive of SP RAMP.