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How can I write a AM/CL program that will create a user defined message at a certain time once a week. The problem I am facing is that I can not find a literal to access the day of the week in the System. If I only use the date, the program logic will be very complex and irreliable.
Please help if possible.
Look for an existing Custom AM point on your system, usually named CALENDAR. It uses Honeywell code and has accessible integer parameters like:

Year (4 digit)
Month (1-12)
Day (1-31)
WeekDay (1-7 for Sun-Sat)
DayOfYr (1-366)
Hour (0-23)
Minutes (0-60)

If you have this point available, your CL can access the WeekDay, Hour and Minutes parameters to create the message.

Here's an alternative, though not as accurate. Build a totalizer point, set the input of the totalizer to it's own .C1 parameter (set .C1 as 1.0). Set it to run every minute, and it will basically totalize minutes until you reset it. Use CL to reset it and send the message when it reaches 10,800 (minutes in a week).

- John
What about creating a timer point where preset time will be demanded interval and in program you will be testing if time elapsed and if yes then write message...


Kassarjian, Steve

No elegant solution comes to mind.

One crude possibility is to schedule the point to run each 24 hrs. You can select in which hour the point will execute. On each execution, increment a (CDS parameter) counter. When the counter modulus 7 is the correct value, issue the operator message.
I have a program 'Operator Event Messenger' (see which sends user defined messages or alarms based on either 'time' or 'process' conditional events that will satisfy your requirements. Typically operators find this app very useful and it removes the need for continual code development (generic code) when ops or engineers require additional messages to be sent.

Drop me an email to discuss further, alternatively I'll modify the 'time' block specific to your needs (free) which will keep your requirements within a CL block and remove the need for timers etc.


Tim Haywood
[email protected]