Honeywell Experion CM Slow Scheduling


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I am doing an APC application with Honeywell Experion R4.1. I would like to schedule a function block (PID) to run once every 30 Min to 1 hour. Does anyone know a way to get around the 2 min maximum cycle time in the scheduler? Or an alternative method?

This is an APC application that for process reasons should run on a long cycle time. I could write my own PID control block in a CM with a scheduler, but would prefer to use one of the built in Experion functions.

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The PID block can be run in C300/C200 controllers or in a ACE node. In a C300/C200 DCS controller, the slowest scan time is 2sec.

Since you need your PID block to be executed only once in 30mins~1hr, you need an ACE node which is widely used for APC applications. It is basically a Dell Server platform running Controller software (CEE in Honeywell dictionary) so that all logics can be built into it same like in a DCS controller. Please note that ACE node does not support any field IO connections.