Honeywell Experion Installation issues


I am trying to install the Experion Standard HMI Solution pack on an existing Experion HS R510.1 system. I am completely new to this so bare with me.

When I insert the R510.1 Solution Pack disc into the machine, and double click the HMIWeb Solution Pack Standard installer I get the following message:

"This product doesn't support UI mode of installation. Please install this product through Experion Media"

From what I gather from that message it means I must require the Experion Installation disc which I do not have, would that be the correct assumption?

I also read online that there should be an Optional Extras setup that can be initiated for installing extra items such as the solution pack. Is that a separate utility or is this an option as part of the Experion Installation Disc?

an answer to my questions above and any guidance on how to install would be great