Honeywell Experion PKS demo available?


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Hello fellow-engineers,

We have some customers that may be interested in using Experion PKS. These customers do NOT want to depend on the vendor completely, so they always have system-integrators implement the software.

To be able to show the software and also to "get-to-know" it myself, I'm looking for demo-software of Experion PKS.

Does anyone know where I can get that?

P.S.: "Contacting the vendor" is not the answer I'm looking for... Tried that.
Experion PKS is a bundled package with C300/C200 hardware. You cannot have a convincing demo with software alone. Best way to arrange a demo is to get in touch with Honeywell representative and may be you can work out a visit to an existing install-base of EPKS-C200/C300 with the help of Honeywell.

EPKS is marvelous.
Based on your comments above I detect that you are a local EPC. I would recommend that you work with your local Honeywell person, They can provide the best demo possible. Honeywell is open to working with EPCS. I would really like to hear feedback if that is not true?
Sorry for going lil off topic.

SPR, are you experienced with Honey Plantscape R500 as well?

If yes, Please contact me on adil[dot]ishaque[at]gmail[dot]com

I need some help. I'll be grateful.

I know Honeywell sells a development system software license for Experion with C200 or C300 simulation. Maybe this might be interesting for you. This software can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the system. It is a full license including Station (HMI), Display builder, Control builder, Server and Sim-C200 or Sim-C300. You could install it on a server but I also have seen it run in a Microsoft Virtual-PC (that runs on my laptop) or VM-Ware environment.
Hi Adil

Yes i have worked with Plantscape. Hope it is with C200 and controlnet. What is wrong with it?

Hi Rudi...

What you said is true, that you can have EPKS installed on a laptop with full license... But it cannot be used to demonstrate a full fledged functionality. Reason being, it is not integrated with hardware, but there r simulation s/w running for C300 or C200... u cannot demo many things like the functionality of 3rd party interfaces available, ease of config, quickbuilder n many others.... I wonder where have you got the full license from.... Does it shutdown the server services after 5 hrs, on its own? I am waiting for your reply.

Yes, the server is shutdown every 5 hours.

Purchased development license from Honeywell. It doesn't come installed as a virtual PC. The license seems to be a full license.

I haven't tried but if the third party interfaces are e.g. modbus links it might be possible to integrate these in the development system as you can use ModBus TCP (or ModBus to ModBus TCP convertor). Also Profibus, Fieldbus and OPC HDA and A&E or in the license. I also see a licence to use certain blocks to integrate with Allen-Bradley, Mettler and an ODBC driver.
Hi Rudi

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to know how did you install EPKS on your laptop in the Virtual machine environment. It is amazing that you could do it.

My query is specific, since EPKS R300 n onwards do not proceed with installation if your machine hardware does not have dual Ethernet ports (since it needs them for FTE), if your hardware is not a server grade machine and many others.

Virtual machine only simulates the OS environment on your laptop, but the hardware is not that of a server.

Moreover, in unattended installation of server, the initialization DVD scans the hardware platform on which it is being installed and checks for compatibility of EPKS release and supported hardware.

Thanks in advance.
Yes, I noticed that the hardware platform is checked when I wanted to install the software on an HP server.

Got this (virtual PC config) from someone within Honeywell, it is their demo version.