Honeywell Experion PKS Totalizer PV


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Hi everybody,

As u know In Experion PKS for creating Totalizer control module we use totalizer Block to Totalize Input Data, But After Restart Experion Servers Totalizer PV Will be Removed.

My Question IS how to Remain Totalizer PV after Restarting Experion System Servers?
Yes I know the problem you have. We solved it by programming. It was a long time ago but I will try to remember.

We used the executive state of the totalizer "Container Module" CM to trigger a move from a DIFFERENT CM that had been logging the changing totalizer values all along. This prevented loss of totalized Pv values as they were updated with the last known numbers on power up.

Sorry I don't remember more than that. I miss working on that system.
Tnx For Your Advice Old Guy.

But I want a Clear Procedure in Detail to do that. Do U remember Which Block u had used from Library? Please Give me more hint.

Do u Have any Screenshot of That Or Do u Have Control Module (CM) Backup?