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Scott Maynard

Upgrading from US to GUS consoles and Im working on a new HMI. Have looked at the GUS solution pack and a few other custom installations but havnt really been impressed. Has anyone been able to develop a world class HMI on the GUS platform that operators enjoy using, looks a million dollars, and is performant. Any ideas and experience (eg what not to do) would be appreciated.

David McGilvray

Check out and look for 3D Kit. 3D Kit is a set of 3D like sub-pictures for the Universal Station. Very nice, particularly given the platform limitations. The package has been partially upgraded to GUS - due to limited demand, only on a project needs basis.

If you are interested, I can email you a jpg sample - off line.

David McGilvray
[email protected]

Here is what our graphics specialist had to say about recent GUS projects.


Paul Jager, CEO

The GUS editor is skookum enough to create nice looking displays thanks to improved colour support (256 colours I think) but world class is a stretch. Your best work on the GUS would still pale against automationX displays. You might get them close but GUS would flounder faced with the number of objects it would take to capture anything resembling shading or 3D.

Performance is the issue. You have to keep the displays very sparse to get any real speed out of them. This means minimal screen objects and minimal code. I found this hard to do without having to create an army of smaller displays instead of larger more useful ones.

You can use the Translator to migrate the old displays and rework them but there is a TON of code clean up involved. So much that it is not worth it, you might as well start from scratch.

I didn't have to build any custom changezones at all so I can't really speak to that, but I did use the standard changezone. It was very easy to
implement but didn't always work. Sometimes it turned the motor on sometimes it didn't. Honeywell's answer "We acknowledge there is a problem."

Bottom line: build your HMI with many small displays, keep the code to a minimum (easier said than done) and it will be fairly performant and look pretty good - but only compared to the US. And be prepared to spend a lot of time with it because the editor is only moderately easy to use.

If operators are only used to US displays they will probably like the way GUS displays look. But don't expect massive improvements in performance. It is much the same, just a different animal to set up and nicer to look at.

Dan Schoyen, Senior Tech.
[email protected]