Honeywell HC900 Application File Download


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When I tried to download my configuration file to the HC900-C50S, I get the following error massage:

<< This operation con not be performed because a required device type DLL is missing or corrupted or does not have the required functionality to support the operation requested.
Platform type: 2 Product type: 9 Schema: 35 Feature Set:15 >>

I get this error message also if I want to upload from the controller and/or setting the time & date, but at the same time I can change the controller's mode successfully by the Designer Software. Also the controller responded correctly after loopback test for the TCP/IP network.

Please Honeywell users I need your assistance. why I can't download my program?

I tried to use the RS232 connection instead of the TCP through a USB/RS232 converter but with no success.

The Mode Switch is properly set, the program file is saved as V6.002 as per the Designer Software 900W01-0060-00, the controller release no is HC900-C50S-0360-00. (non-redundant)

I tried even to download another program file written only in process sheet to avoid the Safety sheet inconvenience and assured all IO are properly connected in the program, but with no success.