HoneyWell HMI - Setting Time Interval to Dynamic Shape Script

Anyone knows how to create a vbscript in a dynamic shape which will change objects properties every one second

So far I found that we can use window.setinterval("myfunction",1000)

but when I try to change a textbox object property (Textbox001) using the function written on General section (myfunction), I got the following message "Object required: textbox001"

First the object instance must be created in memory before it can be utilized.
By sure to destroy the object after creation if you intend to loop it or you will cause memory overflows.

Since you are using a HMI, it might be easier to use the HMI object properties to change things based on events rather than a vbscript.
The HMIs that I have experience with such as Wonderware and Cimplicity can do amazing things with graphics based on events, fill property, move property, etc