Honeywell S9000 Ethernet protocol


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Ronald Nijssen

I am looking for information on the Honeywell Plantscape S9000 CPU, Ethernet protocol. Is this Modbus, or Open Socket communication with a defined Task code set? Anyone having experience connecting generic HMI (Wonderware, Fix, etc.) to this CPu as part of a PlantScape System? Thanks, Ronald Nijssen

Richard Willis

>The Honeywell S9000 CPU uses the standard socket() commands based on the Berkeley TCP/IP sockets with a set code for reading / writing registers, control blocks, etc. There is a reference manual S9000 Controller Communications Publication # 51-51-18-02 with the details. We used to use the Intellution Fix package to talk to the S9000 system before the Plantscape system was released. I believe Intellution may have drivers still available. I have connected Plantscape and another package to the S9000 at the same time without a problem communicating. Richard Willis Project Engineer Honeywell Inc.