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Some Clients request us to develop software for a pc based panel, but we can't find a communications reference betwen S9000 and a operator panel using serial port.

Any information about the comunication with a S900 using serial port is welcome.

Thanks and sorry for my english.
I'm trying to communicate with a S9000 PLC with Wonderware and at this moment I'm testing the operator panel port. I have communicated to it with a PC through hyperterminal with the next configuration Baud Rate 19200, Bits 8, Parity none, I don't remember the last option but is none. If you use the VT100 emulator you have an operator panel in your PC but only F1 to F5, Keypad and arrows keys work. I hope this information will help you. And if someone knows how could I make a DDE communication from a VT100 emulator I'll be grateful. Sorry for my bad english.

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Javier, You have a couple of other options for communicating with the S9000.

On the logic processor module located at the far right in the Processor chassis there is a 25 pin D-sub. This port is RS-422/485 and can be configured as Modbus RTU slave. This will give direct access to the data in the logic processor and you can move data to/from the CCC configuration with blocks in CCC.

Depending on system configuration you may also have an Ethernet port on the ELPM module. This port speaks TCP/IP and a proprietary Honeywell application protocol which is documented. The last time I checked Standard Automation still sold an OPC server supporting the S9000. Look for "Honeywell MASnet Ethernet I/O Server" on their site. This driver also supports NETDDE and gives you access to the full suite of resources in the S9000.



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Thanks for the information, but the problem is that I have not ELPM, I have LPM and this card is communicating with a PC (SO MS-DOS) through a DMCS card and I have only two ports in the LPM card the operator panel port and the DMCS port. All DDE drivers I have found work with ELPM this is the problem.


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