Honeywell S9000e not making output

We have several kiln systems running on S9000 PLCs and experienced a power failure on Saturday. We have not been able to get one system working again, and have narrowed the problem to between the processor and the output cards. We have swapped the output cards into working systems and confirmed that they are not the culprit. The Plantscape display indicates that the logic is calling for full output, but we are not getting any output out of the cards.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance with Plantscape or with the Honeywell controller software to understand how to troubleshoot this problem.
Have you contacted Honeywell's service group? It's a paid service, but I believe that there are still one or two service guys around who worked on S9000's.
Thank you for the suggestion. I contacted the number I found on the software manuals and was told that there is no service available through Honeywell. Do you have contact information for the service group?

We ended up talking with the previous engineer who was able to diagnose a misconfigured server-side alarm that we did not see in the main alarm screen. Once we properly configured the alarm and cleared it, the system operates as normal.