honeywell serial device interface


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saeed farah

i have one serial interface card termination assembly no 51330632-476 rev P with jbus chip connected to sepam200 relays. when i connected another identical card in parallel, the signal to DCS failed. can anyone tell me how i can connect the two cards in parallel. what hardware i need.

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We have one RS485 network which is connected to 7 no SEPAM relays at one end & at other end it is connected to Honeywell serial interface module FTA (all the 16 arrays are used). Now we need to add some more SEPAM Relays to same network with different device address & another Honeywell Serial I/F FTA at other end. Is it possible to use same network cable or we need to lay another network cable?
Each FTA can handle 16 arrays. Where can you put your point's data if there is no available space anymore?. You need to install another network cable in another FTA. Please refer to Serial Interface Options in Knowledge Builder.