Honeywell TDC 3000 Software

The quick answer is NO. Honeywell TDC 2000/3000 software was written for microprocessors that are very different from the microprocessors that can run Windows. Windows is not a real time operating system and is generally unsuited to run process control software, although it has been widely used to run HMI software for process control and SCADA operator stations. In spite of its lack of real time capability, there are a number of software suppliers that have implemented process control, factory automation, and SCADA software on the Windows platform.

Heinz Janiec

I agree, but have a look to

HW anounced at the 2017 HUG in San Antonio, that they are converting the older LCN nodes to a hybrid version with windows and an LCN part, which is the last time upgrade of the LCN (TDC 300) part with a full integration into Experion PKS.
>Can We run TDC 3000 Honeywell DCS Software on windows? like
>7 or anyother?

What software in particular are you referring to? What are you currently using?
We are using R680 software. Actually I am looking for its training but here in Pakistan I found nothing. The second thing I don't have is documents to learn tasks step by step. So all I was looking for is some sort of virtual software where i can easily learn.