Honeywell TDC3000 + Allen Bradley ControlNet


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In my project I need to interface a ControlNet network (working with FlexLogix controllers) and between Honeywell TDC3000.

Any idea ?

I know there is a driver for the TDC3000 to Allen Bradely DataHighway+ networks. But I am looking for the ControlNet one.

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The principal problem with just substituting a 1770-KFC15 for the 1770-KF2 that the TDC3000 interface is designed to communicate with is that you have the "last hop" problem; Only the ControlNet destination node will be specified by
the TDC3000, not the real "CIP Path" (that is, the ControlLogix controller Slot Number). With ControlLogix and DH+, this was worked around by the DHRIO module having a default slot number to which an incoming DH+ packet was routed if it lacked a proper "ControlLogix" backplane path.

I don't know if the FlexLogix requires that path element, because it's ControlNet interface is a little more integrated.

I had a disappointing experience with a TDC3000 interface in the past, in which it did not gracefully recover from timeouts by retrying, instead choosing to declare a major fault and stopping the system. The Honeywell guys who would
speak to me said "hey, it's not our fault". Um. Indeed.

Because TDC3000 has been around a long time, very likely the DF1 interface has changed too. I'd recommend hiring your local Honeywell and Rockwell
engineering divisions to get together and make these dissimilar systems communicate. Don't rely on one to have intimate knowledge of the other.