Honeywell TDC3000 time and date jumped


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Time & date of our DCS jumped to 10 Jan 29 without any alarm suddenly.After this event i can't correct time & date.
Because Y2K problem date of our DCS was 19 AUG 90
according to 19 AUG 2002.System enable to counting
the time & date,but we can't correct them and we recieve following error message:
ERROR(red color)
BAD VALUE(red color)
real time & date 19 aug 2002 21:45"
system time & date 19 aug 90 21:45" jumped to
10 Jan 29 5:47".
Can you help me?

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Chris Schene

I used to work on this stuff (I worked in Honeywell TDC engineering for 11 years), and I am trying to dust out the cob webs.

1) What release of the LCN are you on?
2) Is anything logged in the system journal that tells you anything about
3) Were you getting clock warning messages in the system error journal?
4) Are you saying that you cannot change the clock at all through a US station? If that is the case, try rebooting the US stations are try again.

My recollection is that this sort of problem usually happened due to an LCN card transmitting a bad clock signal.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Did you call Honeywell TAC?
Hello Chris
Nice to meet you.I wish healthy for you.
About your quastions:
1)LCN R300
2)only "LCN CABLE" message
4)We have 7 US(6 for operation and 1 for engineering).we can not correct time and date at all through the all stations.we reboot 1 station and try for correct them befor raising of our quastion.we didn't get result.

Did you mean we force to change the LLCN cards
in throughout of LCN nodes(US's,HM's,AM,HG's,NIM's)!!!
Have you any troubleshooting preusedure?
We didn't recieved any answer from TAC.
Is it posible this problem caused by Y2k?
Have you any other source for following?
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I work for a refining company which is a part of ShelL and called Shell & DEA Oil GmbH in Germany. I know know Cris Shene from the days as he worked for Honeywell. Could you pass me his current email address.
Back to your problem with the time, if you didn't get an answer from Honeywell TAC up to now. There are some known problems with older releases, you need to reload to whole LCN nodes, but not node by node. Before you start make a backup of all HM data, CL files, checkpoint files, Display .do and .ds and and... . You need to shutdown only all LCN nodes, control is still working, situation is loss of view, reload start with the HM, then one US, then HG or NIM, then the rest. When the system is back your time and date has been set to the system default start time, now you can enter the time again.
I strongly recomment that you contact Honeywell and sign up for a service contrat which need to include the SESP part. The you should upgrade your system to the latest release which is currently R630.x.y. This may force you even to exchange some Hardware boards at the LCN nodes, hopefully not in the front end controllers.
To avoid this kind of surprices you should as close as possible to the latest releases.
This is true for every vendor not only for Honeywell and even more for those who are using MicroSoft platforms.
Don't hesitate to contact me.

kindly regards
Heinz Janiec
Shell and DEA Oil GmbH