Honeywell TPS/TDC3000: Tapping Modbus Data


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Rahul P Sharma

We have a Honeywell TPS... HPMM has a SI card (Serial Interface card) as one of the modules. I wish to read data from a device that has a Modbus port... I wish to make a point in the graphics that will continuously show this data.

Can you please help me do it in a step by step manner??

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I assume that:

i. You already have the three hardware components installed and connect to the Modbus device.
ii. The point you are reading is a value and not a Boolean.

a. MU-PSIM11 - the IO Processor
b. MU-TLAP02 - the power adapter
c. MU-TSIM12 - the RS232/RS485 board

In the TDC,

1. Build an analog array point with parameters matching the serial device in terms of baud rate, parity, stop bit and device address. It also has the starting MB address and the length of data you want to read. This array tag will bring a range of data fills up its elements with data.

2. Build a Regulator PV point with appropriate name and define its input to be the array's element.

There should be a Documentation CD that comes with the TDC system. Look for an OP01501.pdf to find all the details you need to configure the MB connection successfully.

Good luck.

Do you know where I can download the OP01501.pdf?

Any help is appreciated.

Troy Mcgill