Hook up systems of Rosemount transmitters


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Mihir Ramkrishna

Has any one used Hookups of Rosemount transmitter for connecting tranmitters to process? I would like to have feedback about the performance of these setups?
Well, the hook-up all the transmitters remains the same considening service requirements. Whether rosemount or other companies it doesnot really matters.

Matthew Hyatt

What do you mean by hook ups?

Mounting or actual process connection from the instrument to the process?

Peformance of a system? If you use the incorect type of connections, tubing, wiring and such, the lack of performance, operation, damage to equipment and or personnel will be readily apparent.

The best source of information is to consult the instrument manufactures manual, call their tech support group or pay me to come out and do the work for you.

Matthew Hyatt
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Hook up of d/p transmitters to the process line is all the same of any brand name.
Just follow the instruction manuals, because it depends upon the kind of service,either gas or liquid,and what variable it is use to measure. It depends also if the transmitter is a flange type (capillary)sensor. Just consult the manual.

There is an hook up drawing intended for each transmitter during the construction.