Horsepower for Impulse Water Turbine


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Hector Lopez

I'm building a water impulse turbine. The tubine is 10 inches in daimeter, receives 100 psi water flow and moves a shaft at 1600 rpm. I want to know how many horse power it may produce.

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From an old fluid mechanics text:

Power =Flow * Density * (Jet Vel-BladeTip Vel) [1-Cos(BladeTip Angle)]

you have to use consistent units.

Hector Lopez

All I want to know are the elements I have to take into consideration to calculate hp in a water impulse turbine. Something like: water flow by xxx by bba equal to hp.

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You'll have to test it. It is the same for calculating pump horse power.

So if you have a 2 HP pump delvering 100 psi at your flow, that will be close to what you get in your set up,

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From an old Crane Fluid Flow Handbook,

Brake Horse Power(BHP)= GPM*PSI/(1714*Turbine Efficiency).

Beyond that, you have to go into the detail design, and you'll have to talk to a design engineer and design staff.