Hot Air Leaks


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In a frame 6 B machine, what are the points with higher probability of hot air leak in running machine?

and what can be done to avoid them in running machine?

Flanged joints with gaskets, and axial compressor- and combustion joints.

Replace gaskets.

Tighten joint bolts.

Some axial compressor- and combustion joints require peening and if the casings are warped some sites have resorted to welding the leaking joints to stop serious leaks if they can't (or won't) replace the casings.

The best way to find leaks is to tie one end of a white rag securely to a long wooden pole and pass the rag by flanges and joints.

i have also observed air leakages from bleed valve bellows and inside load gear tunnel area through diffuser. Second one is causing fire detectors and vibration probes outage frequently. Also air leakages are observed from exhaust duct bellows.

sir, what action can be taken to avoid such leakages? As during every MI these leakage are found and attended, and these appear again before next MI.

If leaks continue to occur at the same locations after maintenance outages that would seem to suggest issues with workmanship and/or reassembly techniques.

Also, equipment does require replacement and/or refurbishment and will not have indefinite or infinite life.

After a unit is past it's warranty period the owner is free to source equipment that is felt can replace original equipment while providing the required functionality. Work with the original packager of the unit to see if they can recommend new or improved components. Or, a reputable local or regional manufacturers' representative for industrial equipment should be able to recommend suitable replacement equipment. Finally, the manufacturer of the component(s) may also have improved models or be able to recommend suggestions to improve the serviceability and length of life of the component(s). It is not required to continue to use the exact same component(s) from the exact same manufacturer(s) for the life of the unit once the warranty has expired. MANY owners/operators replace what they find to be problematic equipment and find the new equipment to be better than the original equipment. It simply requires finding and working with a reputable supplier. As with most things in life, building relationships is key to a happy and productive life. Not every company or salesperson is out to sell something (anything) to make a profit but have unhappy customers; they won't be in business for long if that's how they operate. Reach out to the original equipment packager or local regional suppliers for help with your issues. It will require some effort and communication but you will likely find a good "partner" for your site.

If you told where your site is located someone reading this thread might have recommendations for you. Just complaining without providing any actionable information (such as your location) isn't likely to prove helpful in resolving the issues.