Hot Standby Redundancy using GE 90-30 CPU


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Ashish Atre

Dear All, For a project at Mumbai requiring a Hot Standby Redundancy at the CPU & IO Level, we have been offered 90-30 Series CPU 364 by the local GE Office. We have gone through all the catalogs supplied to us by GE local office and have observed the following: 1. Only Series 90-70 CPUs support Hot Standby Redundancy. 2. Only CPU351/352 of 90-30 Series support Hot Standby Redundancy using HBR Software. 3. In Manual GFK-0827 "Series 90-70 Hot Standby CPU Redundancy User's Guide" - Dec 1993 - Page 88 there is a note on Hot Redundancy through Application Logic which lists out a lot of restrictions in this kind of redundancy solution. Kindly inform whether : 1. Hot Standby Redundancy is possible with CPU364 & how? 2. Is HBR Software required for above? 3. Are the restrictions mentioned in the article ref. above applicable for CPU364 redundancy. Genius Bus Controller BEM331, Ethernet Modules CMM331 & Network Interface Unit GBI001 & Versamax I/Os have been ordered to complete the above system. Kindly reply back immediately as we are finalizing the order on 6.01.2001. Regards Ashish Atre [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Miller, Chuck (IndSys, GEFanuc, NA)

GE Fanuc offers many off the shelf redundancy solutions including hot standby for the 90-30. The latest "factory supported" solution for the 90-30 is named "Max-On". Max-On (VersaPro programming) is the successor to the popular HBR (LM90 programming) 90-30 hot standby solution. Max-On offers three distinctive features based price options, built-in diagnostic capability and can be implemented using all CPU platforms 350 through 364. All GE Fanuc I/O products are compatible with the 90-30 Max-On Hot Standby platform. As to your question regarding .........."In Manual GFK-0827 "Series 90-70 Hot Standby CPU Redundancy User's Guide" - Dec 1993 .........". This was the first commercial attempt at providing the "factory supported hot standby solution" for the 90-70 PLC based upon existing 780 CPU technology. As a risk adverse company, GE Fanuc correctly made the decision to limit its application and implementation through restrictions in the user manual. However, subsequent 90-70 hot standby releases including CGR935 and CGR772 offer high speed CPU synchronization (e.g. turbine controls) and do not have the same restrictions. Please refer to "Series 90-70 Enhanced Hot Standby User Guide" GFK-1527A (May 2000) for additional information. Please contact me offline for additional information . Chuck Miller GE Fanuc Critical Control Business Leader (281) 495-0333 Fax: (281) 495-0370 email: [email protected]